(JaneSally)Suede Patchwork With Polyester Fluff Fabric Double-Side Pillowcase Cushion Cover(Zebra Pattern)

Jane & Sally


Fashion animal totem
Quality Polyester fiber fluff + Soft Suede
45cm~50cm pillow applicable
Double side; double looks
Decorate your own home atmosphere

Material: 100% Polyester fiber fluff + Suede
Color: Zebra + Iron Grey
Dimension: 45cm * 45cm
Cleaning: Water + neutral detergent (No dryer)
Made in China(Taiwan Company)

1. Stuffer pillow needs to purchase separately
2. Please clean the pillow and pillowcase separately. While cleaning cases, please turn it over and dewater at a low speed.
3. After cleaning, please hang upside down to get dry and avoid direct sunlight exposure.

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