About Us

JaneSally is a company that designs, produces, and distributes bags and accessories. We use leopard print, zebra pattern, snakeskin pattern, crocodile pattern, and other totems as the main design elements. The product items include travel bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, clutches, fanny bags, backpacks, and home decoration. The agency products include designer brand boutique umbrellas, pure plant-based bath products, and designer brand MJ series vegetable leather bags. 

Animal totem print is always indispensable in the fashion industry. For nearly 10 years, JaneSally deploys animal totem as its major design factor and widely use Mix & Match of different styles and materials on its design. With the combination of New York contemporary fashion and French classic elegant style, JaneSally makes its own unique branding character. The passion for animal prints(leopard, python, crocodile, ostrich, and so on)in home decoration accessory and fashion products gives the design an extraordinary taste of beauty and impression of feminine glamour for every woman using and wearing JaneSally 

The recently released products of the MJ series are mainly bag accessories designed and manufactured with vegetable leather as the main material. In recent years, MJ is committed to environmental protection issues. Under the premise of not causing a burden on the earth. Designed a series of combination bags based on the concept of building block games. Under the theme of "be yourself", you will become your own style designer. "Be yourself, you are a famous brand"... MJ is dedicated to you who love the earth and advocate freedom.