(JaneSally)Plain PU Leather Double-sided Tote Bag Adjustable handle Shoulder Bag Shopping Bag (Ostrich peach red with blue color)

Jane & Sally

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Absolutely stunning large area of animal totem design
The beauty of patterns with contrasting colors
Multiple functions, you can use this bag on both sides
One bag for all kinds of occasions
Fashion and functional bag with high capacity

The large area of the ostrich totem makes it a fashion icon
Double-colors’ beauty of conflicts when adopting different sides of the bag
An adjustable handle allows the changing height of the bag at its discretion. It can be a clutch or a shoulder bag

Design point
Jane brings out fashion by adopting large areas of totem leather on bags, so the beauty of conflict shows when adopting contrasting colors. Jane’s double-sided design enables the bag to change colors that match every outfit and accessory, therefore increasing the bag’s functions. Last but not least, she adopts robust buckles on the straps, so you can change your bag into a handbag or a shoulder bag by adjusting it. length of the strap, which gives more options to your fashion look.

Material: PU Leather
Lining: PU Leather
Color: Ostrich peach red with blue color
Double strap for shoulder or handheld
Dimension: L 30cm *H 38cm *W 12cm Strap Drop 21~26cm
Antirust Metal Buckle
Magnetic snap Open and Close
A4 size available
Shiftable shoulder strap
Soft PU Leather
Accessories: Leopard Satin Storage Bag
Clean Method: Leather Oil
Weight: 620g
Made in China(Taiwan Company)

When you get undressed in the bag, please use leather oil on the surface, dry it, and then store it in the wardrobe.

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