(JaneSally)Bear Modeling Polyester Fluff Fabric Two Way Three-Dimensional Pillow(Including Blanket)-Zebra

Jane & Sally

$29.00 $51.00


Fashion Animal Totem
Quality Fiber Fluff
Not Only A Fluff Pillow But Also A Blanket
A Cute Bear Shape
That's A Good Sweet Gift

Material: 100% Polyester fiber fluff
Color: Bear- Brown Leopard Print
Blanket- Pink
Dimension:Bear:Sit- L 32cm* H 45cm* W 25cm
Stand- L 30cm* H 54cm* W 22cm
Blanket:L 100cm* H 173cm
Accessories: Dustproof Bag
Clean Method: Water + Neutral Detergent (No dryer)
Made in China(Taiwan Company)

1. Please clean the pillowcase and blanket separately. While cleaning cases, please turn them over and dewater at a low speed.
2. After cleaning, please hang upside down to get dry and avoid direct sunlight exposure.

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