2022 New Year Sale

The Chinese Lunar New Year is a day worth celebrating. Wearing new clothes and hats is a kind of cultural custom of the Chinese society, praying for good luck in the coming year. JaneSally also took advantage of this trend and launched a series of promotions. Hope that all our customers can celebrate the New Year beautifully, and have good luck in the coming year. All wishes come true.🧧🏮
Next, we will launch various online store activities one after another. Please follow us at any time ~
The Year of the Tiger label on the official website…🐅🐅

Christmas Sale on Qoo10

Qoo10 is an Asian shopping platform jointly created by Gmarket in South Korea and eBay in the United States. It was renamed Qoo10 in 2012, which is close to going international. It also creates a shopping platform for its customers that is synchronized with international trends. Its spirit is "Quest, Quick, Quality". I hope our customers can also find the best and most popular products in the world on this shopping platform. Download the exclusive APP to make shopping faster.🛒👇
After Thanksgiving... Ready for Christmas? On the Shopify official website and Qoo10 online store, all bags are only US$8.5~US$15.

Black Friday shopping!

After Thanksgiving... Ready for Christmas? Let’s start with Black Friday shopping day!🎄☃️🎁😘
On the Shopify official website and Q0010 GLOBAL online store, all bags are only US$8.5~US$15. And the bear-shaped blanket is especially recommended, the best offer is US$35.🛒

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a warm and fortunate day.
JaneSally deep blessing...Happy Thanksgiving!😌😘🥂

Shopping Festival Promotion Announcement-Malaysia

Lazada in Malaysia, all bags in the store have the best price of RM 41~61. In addition, every purchase of any bag will give you a leopard print clutch bag.

you guys can download the exclusive APP, making shopping more convenient and easier.


Love yourself and mommy, every woman should pamper herself as a queen. JaneSally wishes all the beautiful mommy in the world~ Happy Mother's Day

2021 Mother’s Day Promotion

Beautiful women, love yourself and love mommy, every woman should pet herself as a queen. From May 8 to June 1, single price promotion for JaneSally's fashion totem design bags. Choose your own unique bag, pamper yourself and mommy. We are all the most beautiful women. JaneSally wishes all the beautiful moms in the world ~ Happy Mother's Day. (For more information, please refer to each online store)

2021 Chinese New Year Sale

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the promotional activities have begun~

JaneSally launches discounts and store-wide gifts activities on the official website and Q0010GLOBAL. The product value exceeds USD 10 to get USD 2.50 off. Purchase products regardless of any item in the whole shop to get a free gift- Lightweight small handbag. (random shipment). Don’t forget to receive exclusive vouchers before shopping. I hope fans who love us can enjoy the atmosphere for the Chinese New Year's reunion and the fun of shopping. (For details, please refer to the vouchers in the product introduction and event advertisements)

Be yourself / Chapter 5

Leopard print...The favorite totem in the fashion industry and it has a wild and mysterious atmosphere. There is also a free and unrestrained imagination. How to find the most popular and fashionable bags and accessories in the fastest time in a busy life and a messy wardrobe ...Yes! It’s leopard print. I think that women always worrying about what to wear for the party tomorrow? What bags to bring to the gym?... Fashion is always a topic that women’s brains burn every day... All kinds of special leopard print bags solve the problems. Even though Just a T-shirt, jeans, or a set of yoga outfits, as long as you dress up a leopard print bag with your outfits, you will immediately show a unique sense of fashion. This lightweight leopard print cross-body bag is made of 600D polyester fiber material. Lightweight material, and waterproof Anti-fouling. The crescent shape design creates a large-capacity and a personalized appearance. It is one of the designer Jane's favorite casual bags. It is a leopard-print bag with both materials, capacity, and design.

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Be yourself / Chapter 4

Zebra undefeated popular totem in the fashion industry, which can always show your self-confidence and unique fashion taste. There is no complicated appearance, and the design principle of "less is more" is pursued. The simple rectangular pure design allows the totem to show your uniqueness. It also has the characteristics of the JaneSally travel bag. It is lightweight, waterproof, and foldable. There are three zipper pockets on the outside of the bag to make travel storage easier and more functional. Travel without burdens, allowing you to enjoy all the beautiful things and scenery in the journey.