中秋節快樂 🌕💫

中秋佳節,明亮的月光照耀著我們,無論身在何處,與誰相伴,都能感受到滿滿的圓滿和幸福。讓我們一同分享這份美好,共度一個充滿愛和溫情的夜晚。祝福我的朋友,家人及客戶,中秋快樂!🌕💫 #中秋佳節 #圓滿幸福 #midautumnfestival

Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Happy Dragon Boat Festival~~🥳🚣🛶
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Image Redesign: Jane&Sally Shop

618 Shopping festival-Funbrella

Does the rain in the afternoon often make you feel overwhelmed and embarrassed? With the can feel the scenery outside the umbrella more comfortably...
The reflective strip design on the umbrella surface is safer. The weight is lighter, only 200g, and the non-slip handle not only makes it easier to take but also to open and close.🌂☔️☂️🛒

618 Shopping Festival

The mid-year shopping festival is coming...Give yourself a reason to shop recklessly. JaneSally is giving you an extra gift... Purchase of the travel bag series, the gift in addition to the mini handbag, plus a nylon coin purse. As long as you place an order for other items, you will also get the same coin purse~🥳🎁🛒

2023 Happy Monther's Day

There is nothing more precious than the sentence "I love you".( Of course, there are still gifts😁). JaneSally wishes all mothers in the world...Happy Mother's Day.👩‍👧‍👦💐😘
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2023 Happy The Chinese Lantern Festival~~

The Chinese New Year is coming to an end. After eating sweet glutinous rice balls, wish you all guys a whole year full of happiness.
Happy The Chinese Lantern Festival.🏮🧧🏮🧧🤗

2023 Chinese New Year Sale

Continuing the praise of the Christmas sale, JaneSally has extended the promotion until the end of February and hopes that all customers and fans who love JaneSally can have a beautiful and happy Lunar New Year.🥳🧧🏮🎁🛒

Happy New Year 2023

Success, prosperity, health, and happiness. These are JaneSally's blessings to everyone.
Happy New Year~~🥳🥳🥳

Santa Claus came to announce the good news

Santa Claus came to announce the good news and also brought a lot of surprise discounts... My favorite is the Sweet Bear dual-use pillow blanket, just as long as $25, it can bring a full Christmas warm atmosphere.🥳🎅🎄🎁🧸
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